flyers from over the years

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today i made it my mission to get my favourite flyer designs up on this little page. i am a member of two local projects here in my neighbourhood… The Bearwood Pantry, a food buying group that occasionally puts on events; and The Craftymuthas, a lovely group of women who host craft nights at a local pub as well as putting on several craft fairs over the years. my main contribution is putting together the flyers for marketing the events. i absolutely love doing them.

i mostly draw everything by hand, and mess about with watercolours, and hand writing the text. then i play around with it all in photoshop, creating a million layers on top of one another.









i think this flyer in particular is my favourite so far.

you can see the whole collection of my favourites my following the links:

Bearwood Pantry

Bearwood Handmade